Christianity vs Judaism: A Response



I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I have recently come out of the Baptist denomination and I find it fascinating to read how others perceive the Christian church.  I left because of several of the flaws you mentioned such as idolatry.  I was stunned to learn the true origins of Christmas & Easter as well as the facts regarding Sunday worship, the dismissing of Torah, and on and on.  It truly is what you accused it of being...a man-made religion. (Turns out there is little or no "Judeo" in my so called “Judeo-Christian” tradition!)


In my experience, I was not taught nor encouraged to critically judge for myself what was the truth.  Rather, I was encouraged to rely on leaders to disseminate that for me. Additionally, I was taught to be afraid of and run from anything that didn't match my leaders teaching. At long last, I know the truth can stand the light of day and will not crumble or be destroyed by honest and sincere scrutiny.  (However, lies might.)  Thanks for encouraging open and honest dialogue. We need it desperately!


Another worthy criticism I read remarks that Christians rely heavily on “faith” without evidence, while Judaism relies on the clear evidence of Mt. Sinai. I'm puzzled then, on the reliance of the “oral” traditions (no evidence) when we're told not to add to or subtract from & we read that “Moshe wrote all the words of the L-rd.” (Exod. 24:4) 


Thanks again for the tov read! 


Vicky Mitchell

Topeka, Kansas




Mesora: It appears your one question (correct me if there are more) is how we rely on the Oral Law, as you assume it was not proven or given in front of masses, as was the Torah. The answer is that Moses gave it too at Sinai, and transmtted to Aaron, to his sons, to the elders and to the nation, along with the Written Law.

How do we know that Moses himself did not make all the Oral Law? This is based on the miracle of Moses' face shining with light from his descent frm Sinai, until his death. Such a miracle is only possible if G-d performs it, and G-d would not do such an act of condoning Moses, if Moses in fact deviated from G-d's words. Where thereby learn that G-d condoned all that Moses taught, including Moses' received Oral Law. Had Moses lied about the Oral Law, saying it was G-d's when Moses fabricated it, G-d would not have condoned Moses' words via any miracle.