Lengthy Discussion & Greater Knowledge

Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim

The reason lengthy discussion is required to acquire Torah knowledge [1] is due to 2 considerati0ns: 

1) Torah’s depth: what is perceived on a surface read, is not the full scope of God’s brilliance contained in all areas of Torah. Extended discussion reveals more points and nuances.

2) Torah (and all wisdom) is “designed.” We don’t think of wisdom that way, but just like all other creations, wisdom too was designed. Only after seeing one idea, is an another idea perceived. The mind can focus on grasping only one concept at a given moment, and upon grasping it, the mind then either applies it or contrasts it on other areas. This application and comparison of an idea to other matters reveals differences and similarities. Differences cause the new idea’s uniqueness to stand out. For example, upon seeing a gray swatch, one says it is gray. But when comparing it to another shade of gray, one sees that the first swatch is actually “darker and bluer gray.” Comparison reveals uniquenesses. Proverbs’ verses are almost all dual statements. Each verse says something in 2 slightly different manners, and this comparison reveals more: “Torah is a graceful wreath upon your head, and a necklace about your throat” (Proverbs 1:9). A simple read, and we learn that Torah “adorns” man. But “head” and “throat” teach further, that Torah enhances one’s “mind,” and one’s “speech.” Comparison of head to throat and lengthy discussion reveal more insights. 

[1] Pirkei Avos 6:5