Why Not Make man Different?

Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim

Student: If God wants man to follow Torah without sinning, why doesn’t He just remove our instincts which is the cause of sin?  

–Ahron F.

Rabbi: I base my reply on Maimonides [1]. If man had no instincts, then he would be identical to angels and animals which have no free will. Therefore, we say that God desired there be a creature called man, who through conquering his instincts, can earn great reward by choosing between good and evil. If man was robotic like an angel, man would not be able to attain reward. Therefore God made man with the ability to follow either his instincts or his intellect and by choosing intellect, God bestows great reward on man that no other creature can achieve. Therefore this is a greater good than if man just did God's will without any free will, in that case, man would not have reward. So we can conclude that it is better that a being exists who can attain great reward. 

[1] Guide, book III chap. xxxii