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Torah education for children of any age is a crucial matter. If we are to instill in our children a true appreciation for the ideals of Torah, every step on the road to learning must be dealt with wisely. Questions, attitudes and opinions, when proposed by a child, must be responded to differently than when proposed by a teenager. What a child learns at home from his parents will greatly influence his/her attitude about himself and others. The thrust of each child's education begins in their home, not in school. Therefore, it is up to each parent to be an appropriate role model in behavior and action for his/her child. It is imperative that parents be honest and admit when they don't have an answer to their child's question. As well, we should praise our children when they make the right choice in their own behavior. Just as important is the parents role in choosing the best environment for their child's education. This should be well thought out and if additional guidance is needed, parents should not hesitate.

In this section we will post articles responding to the many conflicts which children and their parents encounter. Through these articles we want to show students and parents that learning Torah can be a truly enjoyable activity. As our Gemara teaches, learning Torah is the most beneficial pursuit.

We invite your questions and solutions, whether you are a student, or a parent.
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