Distorted Teachings

Fallacies: Deification of man: A speaker recently described renowned rabbi with mind reading capabilities. If Moses could not mind read, certainly others cannot. We read on Yom Kippur, "God alone knows the thoughts of every man". This speaker's proliferation of fallacy misleads those unaware. It is imperative that man understand that only God possesses such a capacity. Deifying man is against Torah. Mindreading offers no insight into God's creation, therefore it does not exist. God created only that which furthers man's understanding of Himself. One must not to be swayed by anyone's reputation, even if called "rabbi". Moses made mistakes. His brother Aaron questioned him, and Moses admitted his error (Lev. 10:17-20) Certainly rabbis today err. Unfortunately, the error was in the area of God's unique ability to discern man's thoughts. (Reader's response to above)

False belief in magic: Some lecturers claim red bendels ward off the Evil Eye, something which the Talmud calls heathen customs. (See Tosephta, Talmud Sabbath, Chap. 7) See our articles on Good Luck Charms and The Evil Eye.

Tele-Seancing: A new wave of idolatry has presented itself in the form of "tele-seancing". John Edwards fools many - perhaps even himself - into believing he has contact with the deceased. Read more here.


"From Time Immemorial". Books on Middle Eastern history usually present one of two contradictory histories, depending on whether the author supports Israel or the Arabs. So which history is the impartial reader to believe? They should believe Ms. Peters' account, because of her honesty. Ms. Peters was a US State Dept. official during the Carter Administration, and involved in the Camp David Accords. Back then, Ms. Peters was a passionate advocate of the Palestinian Arab cause. She left the State Dept with the avowed purpose of writing a book about the historical origins of the Israel-Palestinian conflict sympathetic to the Arabs. But after years of exhaustive and thorough research, she discovered that the facts where not as she had thought they were. The facts, freed from propaganda, had led Ms. Peters to a sort of conversion. Instead of burying or glossing over such facts, she sets them out in all their details. While many will see this book as coming from the Israel version of history, it is in fact coming from someone who had embraced the Palestinian Arab cause before researching the facts and changing her conclusions. That makes this book a must read for those seeking an honest account of the origins of the Israel-Arab conflict. This book has credibility.
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"Windows to the Soul". Rabbi Michael Bernstein, M.D. is a practicing child psychiatrist. His is a craft that teaches its practitioners to notice things that others overlook. Dr. Bernstein turns his skills to the Chumash and, like an explorer stripping away covers from ancient treasures, he reveals wisdom and insights that may well have escaped even lifelong students of the Torah. By combining his knowledge of Rabbinic literature and the classic commentaries with his understanding of people, the author shares new perspectives on the Torah.
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"The Rebbe, the Messiah, and the Scandal of Orthodox Indifference". Rabbi Berger's recent publication addresses the grave dangers which permeate the Lubavitch movement.Rabbi Berger received his PhD from Columbia Univ., rabbinic ordination from the RIETS at Yeshiva University, is Prof. of History at Brooklyn College, a Fellow of the American Academy for Jewish Research, and immediate past President of the Association for Jewish Studies. He has also served as Visiting Professor of Jewish History at Harvard, and Yale.
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