Alexandra S. Villers

After Covid-19, the world is now ravaged by a new disease threatening to become one of the largest pandemics of the 21st century:

Pa·les·ti·no·ma·nia (noun), / ˈ pæləsta ɪ ʊˈ me ɪ niə/: Quasi incurable, highly contagious, chronic mental illness that emerged during the founding of the Jewish state, but has proliferated since the 7th of October 2023 and now affects an alarming proportion of the world’s population. Sufferers of the disease are unaware of their condition and can maintain a normal lifestyle.

Formulating a diagnosis is straightforward, as the symptoms are highly recognizable: patients display verbal and physical aggressive behavior, a disproportionate obsession with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an aversion to the Jews, and an affinity with Islamist terrorist groups, often correlated with Holocaust denial.

The causing pathogen is Antisem-23, a new variant of the anti-Semitic virus that has existed for millennia. It spreads mainly through fake news, published by almost every traditional and social medium – quality newspaper or tabloid, full-fledged documentary or seconds-long TikTok video. The incubation period is estimated between several days and a month.

Repetitive exposure to disinformation makes the Palestinomaniac persuaded of the delusion that Palestinians are an oppressed people living under the terror of what he calls the ‘Zionist colonizer’, and have only a few stones to defend themselves against the high-tech violence of the Israeli army. The Palestinians are indeed oppressed, but the Palestinomaniac’s confusion lies in identifying the oppressor, which is not the country he wishes to wipe off the map, but Hamas, the second richest terror group in the world with a 2 billion dollar budget, spent on tens of thousands of missiles to Israel since its establishment.

The portrayal of these terrorists as courageous ‘freedom fighters’ fits perfectly into the Palestinomaniac’s view of the world through the dichotomous lens of victims and perpetrators. Women are oppressed by men, blacks by whites, gays by straights, and of course, the peaceful Muslims by the evil Jews.

By perpetuating the age-old Western tradition of scapegoating the latter, millions of Palestinomaniacs have revealed themselves as useful idiots of Haniyeh and Sinwar, names unfamiliar to them. Cloacked in keffiyeh scarves purchased through Amazon, Palestinomaniacs have been heard screaming:

“Gas the Jews!”

The Palestinomaniac grapples with cognitive dissonance – or perhaps it’s sheer ignorance – staunchly claiming to be anti-colonial, yet proudly waving the Palestinian flag, originally crafted by the British colonizer.

A growing number are going beyond hysterically chanting genocidal slurs and waving flags: they spray swastikas on Jewish graves in Minnesota, randomly assault Jews at the Holocaust Museum of Amsterdam, and shatter Jewish shop windows in Paris. The Palestinomaniac turns back the clock last century, when Europe was under the spell of a mustached psychopath who deployed the same symbols and slogans.

Despite displaying a mindset and behaviour identical to the Nazis , they dislike being labelled antisemitic, stressing they are anti-Zionists instead. The Nazis committed the Shoah on the

Jews, while the Palestinomaniacs use the genocide against them, accusing them of treating Palestinians the same way they were treated and comparing Gaza to Auschwitz.

Ironically, the Palestinomaniac identifies as ‘anti-fascist’ and professes an aversion to violence – a highly selective aversion, however, focused only on violence involving Jews. He is not troubled by half a million Muslims slaughtered by Bashar al-Assad, the tens of thousands of Libyans beheaded by Isis, or even the hundreds of Palestinian women raped in Syrian prisons. Jew-free blood baths just aren’t that interesting to him. He also doesn’t bother waving the flags of Sudan, Chad, Somalia, and all other dictatorships masked as democracies, where Muslims are slaughtering each other on a daily basis. When Sunnis kill Shiites or vice versa, the Palestinomaniac remains eerily silent, and anyone bold enough to bring it up, he swiftly accuses of Islamophobia.

The average Palestinomaniac falls prey to the identity politics of the radical left. Female Palestinomaniacs generally identify as feminists who consider rape a violent crime, except when the victims are Israeli women, or any other females raped at the Nova festival or in the kibbutzim – many have been seen handing out leaflets that said, “Rape is resistance”.

A substantial part of the LGBTQIA-community has also been infected with the virus and now call themselves ‘Gays for Gaza’, willfully unaware Hamas pushes homosexuals off rooftops. Black Palestinomaniacs claiming to detest racism but do not criticize the fact Afro-Palestinians face harsh mockery for the colour of their skin and curly hair, and many Palestinians refuse to marry them. Even the clergy is not immune to the mind-altering virus: the Palestinomaniac pope hasn’t uttered a word about the suffering Christians and burning churches in Gaza.

The Palestinomaniac proudly champions freedom, neglecting that the Islamofascist ideology he advocates spits on all forms of freedom. The only liberty truly pre-occupying him is Hamas’ liberty to kill Jews. That’s why every self-respecting Palestinomaniac, at least once a day, hashtags:

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

However, a large-scale survey shows the overwhelming majority are unaware which river and which sea they are referring to. The lack of knowledge of the Palestinomaniac concerns not only geography, but also history. The productive collaboration between Hitler and the Palestinian Grand Mufti of Jerusalem usually does not ring a bell, and he is also unfamiliar with the Hamas Charter. Which is comprehensible – full sentences may pose challenges for readers accustomed to Instagram comments and other limited forms of communication.

In this Charter, one of the founding terrorists of Hamas, Ahmed Yassin, wrote the following:

“The Day of Judgment will not occur until Muslims fight and kill the Jews (…) Israel will exist and continue to exist until Islam destroys the country, just as it wiped out others before it.”

A rather inconvenient statement for the Palestinomaniac, convinced that the conflict is of a territorial, rather than a religious nature. Nonetheless, the acronym of Hamas stands for Harakat-al Muqawama al-Islamiyah. For those who do not yet speak Arabic: this means Islamic, not Palestinian, Resistance Movement. Jihad is a Holy War in the name of Allah, not a battle for a piece of land in the name of the Palestinians.

Palestinomania also appears to seriously damage the memory cells. Patients no longer remember the shot French and Swedish cartoonists, the beheaded French priests, the executed Bataclan goers, the stabbed Dutch director, the crushed tourists on the Promenade des Anglais, and the blown up Zaventem airport. He is completely blind to the ideological link between the carnage in Israël and those in the West.

Antisem-23 is an extremely malicious virus that incites delirium, ignorance, hypocrisy, hatred, and violence worldwide and must therefore be taken very seriously. Unfortunately, no vaccine has been developed to date. This is due to a lack of academic research, as many scientists themselves have been infected and therefore defend the many falsehoods described above.

Please do not be silent when confronted with a Palestinomaniac, but refer the individual to a suitable psychiatric institution. It is not without reason that we live in a welfare state with affordable healthcare for everyone.