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We have just ordered your book Judaism: Religion of Reason. Can't wait to get it and devour it. Thank you again for all you do. We have so enjoyed the Jewishtimes. We have learned so much. Can't wait to learn more.
Thank you again.




Hi! Good morning I'm learning a lot from reading your book, "Secrets of the Bible." It's wonderful how you manage to teach to study the Torah in a systematic way. I want to thank you once again. I consider your book of paramount importance for my evolution in the study because I have no one to ask questions or ask for direction. And I believe that somehow Hashem led me to you so that I could climb one more small step in this evolution of consciousness. I know very little and I feel like a baby who has just been born onto a new path. May Hashem bless you for sharing this book with me.
Thank you very much.
Rosimeire Braga, Brazil




Rabbi, I would like to offer my deepest condolences to you and your family at this time. May Hashem comfort you among other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
Omphile Tshipa
Gaborone, Botswana




This week I read that the mother of Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim had passed. This is to comfort the family and the general staff and members of the Mesora Jewish Orthodox community. May her good Torah legacy continue to shine as a light in our modern world. Sorry once again, I express my sincere condolences and grief from my present location.
A diligent reader of the Jewishtimes for more than 10 years.
Tayo Ayodele
Captain/Military Doctor, Nigerian Army




So saddened to hear about your mother's passing in the last Jewishtimes. I did not know her but from what I read in your eulogy, she sounded like a wonderful person! I'm sure she will be greatly missed but I'm also sure she's in a better place now. Prayers and condolences to you and your family.
Turk Hill




I really appreciate the extensive details feedback on this question of Bashert, I cannot explain or elucidate how grateful I am for the references cited, especially the Talmud source. I think my problem in fully understanding Jewish thought and perspective is my inadequate mastery of Hebrew and the oral Laws.
Thanks so much once again,
I will be forever grateful
God bless




Shalom aleichem Rabbi Moshe. "Secrets of the Bible" is one of the best books I ever read, especially the chapter "The Two Ways We Sin." Thank you for the insight and the wisdom you put into the book. Baruch HASHEM. Mark G.




This is not a question but an appreciation to the Rabbi that he always takes the time to answer the question that I asked on this forum, I am really grateful.
Thanks so much,
Tayo Ayodele, Cameroon




Hi Rabbi. I enjoyed reading the quotes in your Jewish Times. Especially Greek wisdom and Einstein quotes. I would be happy to see more quotes in future newsletters, in addition to letters. I always enjoy reading your replies to people's questions. Such great wisdom shared.




I cannot thank you enough for this extensive reply for me on how to deal with a wicked parent...but more specifically, about a father who does not live a Torah life. I know there are consequences in the next world for living a life without obedience to Biblical principles, but I fear for the consequences for my father. I wish he had the opportunity when growing up to come into contact with a Torah observant life which would have made him to have a near perfect life. I tried to point out some of the errors of his way based on the teaching of the Bible to him, but he got offended, but I cannot follow his path and examples. And also there is a limit to which I can correct him since I am his son. Thanks so much Sir.

Rabbi: Rabbi Pesach Chait said that the rabbis teach, that Rabbi Akiva spoke with the son of a deceased father who sinned. Rabbi Akiva had the son engage in prayer to help his improve his father's soul. Other rabbis teach that if one gives tzedaka—charity—on behalf of his father or another one who passed on, he can atone for his father's sins.




Shalom Moshe Ben-Chaim. I completely agree where you stand on this subject "Love your enemies." For it is emet. Just wanted to share. May you have shalom and blessings be upon Yisrael. -Gary




Shalom Aleichem Rabbi Moshe,
Rabbi your last jewishtimes magazine is one of the best I ever read. Your essay about having the correct and proper understanding of God was outstanding yet very clear and simple. Also the essay about forgiveness was really true and good because lot of people have a very wrong idea about the concept of forgiving and forgiveness. The reason for forgiveness is not only to emulate the way of God's forgiving spirit—even though we cannot match His—but also to meet its ends. If forgiving does not accomplish its goal then there is no point in forgiving, i.e people who take advantage of a forgiving person...a person who does not ask forgiveness and a person who does not regret or who is not truly sorry. God be with you.




Thank you Rabbi. I'm very touched that you view me as a brother. You have done tremendous service in teaching Torah Jew and gentile alike. May your success continue for years to come. You know it has been a long journey for me. I first had to see the falsity of Christianity and reject it. Rabbi Tovia Singer, with his anti missionary work was very instrumental in that regard. But after seeing error of Christianity, I now had understand why Judaism was the correct system. Rabbi Chait's and your rational approaches were very refreshing. No mysticism, just wisdom. I'll forever be indebted to you for showing me the light of Torah.

Omphile Tshipa





I cannot recommend the Jewishtimes magazine highly enough. It is also easy and seamless to down load as a plain text PDF or a full color illustrated magazine, with no paywall or need to create an account. This is the best fusion of fiery, yet practical Torah Judaism content and excellent user interface that I have encountered. –Naomi G.




Shalom Aleichem Rabbi Moshe,

I really do not know what to say but, outstanding, the answer you gave about animal cruelty had such in-depth info… it also covered many other topics within it like irrationally or arrogantly questioning G-D. One thing I love about your books and magazines is that you address the question directly and rationally which causes both layman and scholar to think and reason out. Also thank you for answering my question, you clarified a lot of things. The example which you gave was good.

Mark Stanley Gomez

Vetturnimadam, India




I appreciate so much for involving me in Jewishtimes studies which I trust will enlighten my spiritual understanding of the Bible as the word of God.

—Lagos, Nigeria




Reader: "I read a recent post by Rabbi Ben-Chaim that refutes Black inferiority (all people are equals). I am Black and I am actually surprised by this, and I want to know whether he really meant that."

Rabbi: "Yes, I meant that fully, as this is Torah's view, and based on reality. Many times I have written about human equality. Twin sisters of different colors (National Geograhic April 2018) conclusively unveils racism as false. All mankind descend from the same first couple. Jews feeling superior harbor racist arrogance. All people have the identical psyche, body and soul; we are all equals. Moses married a black woman, and Joseph and King Solomon married Egyptians. Abraham cared for all walks of life. Our greatest kings and the Messiah descend from converts. Judaism does not judge a person at birth, but at death: were we righteous? God is the sole authority, and His Torah (Bible) says many times"One Torah for the Jew and convert." Meaning, all humans possess identical potential. Racism is baseless and evil (see my editorial on page 7, Jewishtimes 3/30/18)."




"Shalom Aleichem Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim. Thank you so much for the work which you do, being a light to the nations. May HASHEM shower you with blessings and be with you.





"Thank you. The Jewishtimes is the best magazine on the planet." Brad. W.




"Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim,
Thankyou so much dear rabbi for answering my questions, it means so very much to me. May HASHEM shower you with blessings and shalom.Toda Raba." —Mark




"Your website is a tremendous resource to myself, and I share some of your work with my talmidim. Thanks for everything. In my humble opinion, your writings are extremely beneficial for thinking young adults. Thanks again."
— Rabbi Joseph


"I have never heard a better response to this question of why God preferred Isaac's prayers over his wife's prayers, than the article that you wrote. Thank you so much for writing this." Malka




"I was up until 1:00 am reading your book 'The Bible: God's Only Religion,' I couldn't put it down." -Brett, NY




"Thank you for your beautiful amazing magazine, parsha insights, and critical reasoning."
Jeff L., Austin, Texas




"I love your book, "Judaism-Religion of Reason."
— Juan




"You do great work, God bless you! Cheers from Brazil. Shalom"




"Moshe: We've made a donation to Mesora in honor of you, and all the effort you have put in over the years to bring knowledge to others."
— Aaron & Aviva



"Shalom! I forgot to mention, I received your new book yesterday. Thank you.
P.S. I studied your previous book more than ten times.
Take care, Patrick" (ISRAEL)




"Dear Rabbi,
Thanks so much for your work. It is a huge help to those who otherwise have no way to learn about Judaism. Thanks for your excellent web site and the privilege to learn.
G.K., Germany




"Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim,
Sir, thank you so much for your amazingly robust and well thought-out response. It is a very impressive work in its own right. I will also let you know that I agree with your analysis of Maimonides. Beyond that, I also share your belief in the principles you describe therein. Peace to you in this season of Hanukkah and Christmas. And thank you again for the care you took in preparing your response. I assure you it is much appreciated.

Take care,




"I only wish those purporting to represent Judaism would abandon their infantile fantasies in favor of Torah truths; using instead their minds and reason. Unfortunately we have many with empty brains seeking to guide others searching for truth, and many leaving other forms of falsehood such as Christianity end up following yet other false beliefs. I do not always know the exact way to respond to others, as I am not as knowledgeable as you are, and I duly appreciate you and your knowledge, and unwavering dedication to truth and the Torah; this world needs more people like you. I try to learn everything I can from you, and find myself trying not to speak when unsure; it is quite unsettling lacking in all area's of the wisdom and knowledge of Torah; however your teachings have helped me profoundly, and those red flags always pop up in my head every time falsehood presents itself. Thank you for all you do."
— BJ




"Dear Rabbi, thank you so much for your book, Judaism - Religion of Reason. Reading it is like a royal feast. Thanks again. Shavua tov!"





"I greatly appreciate Mesora.org and the Jewishtimes. I miss it, when the publication is not posted from week to week. I also miss the audio with Moshe Ben Chaim; you are truly a huge ray of light amongst a great deal of heresy and falsehood; I hope you keep up the good work, and continue."




"Hi Rabbi Ben-Chaim, The Jewishtimes is a very cool magazine!
Thanks for sharing."
— Private Dana - New Media Desk
IDF Spokesperson's Unit




"I love the site and the Jewish Times! Definitely "my brand" of Judaism is being espoused by your wonderful organization! Your site is like a breath of fresh air and I hope to buy your book soon."




"A superb [Jewishtimes] issue this week [May 4, 2012]! All the items related in the past as well as these and any planned, should be a book to guide the bewildered "new" generation - who are sill searching "what is it all about?" and who can easily be misled by all the charlatans. Yours is the truth: congratulations chazak ve-ematz.
Shabbat shalom."
—Zvi, Jerusalem




"I just wanted to tell you that your article last week about dress was one of the best articles I've read in the JewishTimes. The amount of sources and quotes really demonstrated the true value that Torah places on externals. You made my Shabbos. Thanks!"




"Thank you for keeping me inspired and seeing the Truth.





"Your article on "Afflictions" is excellent and truly enlightening. I connect with it perfectly, as with your other articles."




"Keep up the good work. You are accomplishing a very important task of spreading a Kiddush Hashem when a lot of Jewish organizations are intentionally or unintentionally causing a Chilul Hashem by isolating any who is not Jewish by birth."




"I realize how fortunate I am to have you and Mesora in my life. I truly appreciate all the hard work you put into sustaining Mesora, so that others can do and learn based on the greatest of examples. Wishing you, your family and friends a Hanukkah full of bright, beautiful light today and for many years to come."




"Thank you because we, the French speaking talmidim don't have access in French to "Scriptural and Rabbinic verification of authentic Jewish beliefs and practices ". H'aval because the French Jewish have a higher tendency of "mysticism need". I learn a lot from you and at 58 need to change a lot in my behavior, and practice (Kaddish, aliyat neshama, gilgul, zohar, tefila, segulot, tehilim etc etc..)."




"Shalom R' Moshe,

You sincerity and humility in reaching out to us Noachides is very rare and I deeply appreciate it. I am especially moved when you mentioned in one of your articles that your duty is to make the Torah accessible to non-Jews and if the tables were turned and you were born a non-Jew, you would expect the same to be done for you. I must say that I have not heard anything like this from any rabbi before.
My experience with other Jewish groups is a sharp contrast! After I came to know Torah truth and repented of my idolatrous religion, I have been searching high and low for rabbis, in fact, any rabbi who is willing to teach Torah truths to Noachides like me. I live in xxxxxx and there's no rabbi here. So I approached rabbis in neighbouring countries, but none of them were willing to teach Torah to a non-Jew. And these are people who boasts about their good works! Can you imagine that one of these rabbis even told me that it's a sin to convert people?! He said that converting people is like telling G'd that He made a mistake in having made them Noachides. It's insane, it's like saying, G'd forbid, that the revelation at Sinai was a mistake, and that G'd should have let the Jewish people remain Noachides.To me, you are a seldom-found voice crying in the wilderness--one that is much needed.
Yasher koach in your good works. Kol tov"




"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent article you wrote in the latest addition of the Jewish Times about idolatrous extremism. Yashar kochahcha, very well and concisely stated – having spent my summer outside Yeshiva, being exposed to “mainstream” ideas and practices, reading your piece was like drinking a cup of cool refreshing water. I hope every Jew gets a chance to confront these issues, best of luck in expanding your readership!

Good Shabbos, David"




"As a hopeful convert, I cannot wait to convert and be part of this people, and thus perfect myself and do His will. How can anyone read the Torah, even just read it on the surface, and think He has forgotten His covenant with the Jewish people and given it over to the followers of some mortal man? (Jesus) Thank You so much Mesora.org for helping me in the past 8-9 months to find the truth about this idolatrous religion.  And may this site continue to help me along my journey to Judaism."




Hope all is B"H well. I was wondering if it would be possible to receive today the issue for this coming shabbos as I will be out of the office tomorrow with no access to a printer.

 Thanks very much. Matt "




"Hi Rabbi,
I just wanted to say that you brought up a point on the part of divorce that was about taking time away from each other and how this builds back the relationship if one tries. My wife and I are actually an example of that. We went through a hard time, but the time away and our continual connection brought back the love and passion twice fold. I can't go without saying that it wasn't long after that that I completely stepped away from Christianity and found Judaism and the Seven Laws. I couldn't be happier today because of this.
I just wanted to share my experience on a point of your lesson; one that I personally experienced.




"Thank you so much for the class last Sunday.  It's exactly what we were looking for. The feedback I have received from other participants was also very positive.  (An email from my friend in Maine is included below.)  We are all looking forward to more.  I have us scheduled again for this coming Sunday at 11:15 a.m. your time. We will plan to call you as we did last Sunday. What a treat!" "I enjoyed listening to the Rabbi today.  I suppose I should have contributed but I was so caught up in the listening.  I especially made note of his comment of the Jews being teachers and example setters.  I have read in some sources about the  "special Jewish soul" and that always mystified me; now with the Rabbi's clarification that all souls are equal, I feel that some of my questions are answered.
Thank-you again. Donna"





"Thank you for all your hard work and the vast amount of Torah you make accessible on Mesora. I, for one, benefit enormously from your website, and it is readily apparent that many others do as well."
— Michael




"Dear Jewish Times,
 Please send me an address so that I can donate by check to the Jewish Times.  I am thrilled with joy to see the Jewish Times again.  In the past I was lax about making donations and now I see what it can cause if we as readers do not support you.  For this I truly apologize and I hope others feel the same way because I have missed and longed for the “Torah” study that we were receiving for Sabbath."

Shalom, Marg




"I have enjoyed this publication immensly and have passed it on to my parents to share in the news and updates. It will sorely be missed by them ,since they don't have access to a computer. If we need to pay for this publication, you have my subscription order."




"Dear Rabbi  Ben-Chaim,

I wanted to tell  you how much I always enjoy your classes. Each class has taught me something.  Each class has  made me able to articulate with clarity  some aspect that I already knew.  And you know, that is a good feeling. I truly and deeply appreciate the time it takes to have the classes and the time it takes for preparation. 
I hope you have another class soon.  I am always disappointed  when  I discovered there was a class and I missed it.
 I am moving to Missouri, so the next time I sign in you will see "Jeanne MO".
 Best regards,
Jeanne Couey"




"Dear Sir,

I want to thank you for the chance of reading JewishTimes as a non-registered member without paying for. The brilliance of argumentation and interpretation of what is in the Bible is very impressing. I have learned a lot up to now. And the more I read the more I believe in G-d's existence.


Dieter Gestalter



"Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim,

Your article "In the Dark" was amazing. Nothing is so puzzling to a novice as how much time Shemos spends on describing the Temple and the various vessels. All of this "boring" detail ... Why?

The insight you provided in your writing was a refreshing answer.

Well done. -Dan"




"Rabbi Mosh Ben-Chaim,

I merited today to acquaint myself with your website. I bookmarked it when I saw the truth in your words as you responded to many divergent topics. I was delighted in your upright reasoning. Among your writings, I specifically enjoyed your ideas on Elijah's death, your position on Kabbala, and your sound understanding of the prophets regarding those matters that many confused anti-Semites distort to validate Jesus, as they attempt to cloak Jesus as a king of David's lineage. I found many other matters pleasing in my eyes.

May there increase Rabbis as you in Israel, certainly in this confused generation. But why do I write so many superfluous words, as your time is precious.

Continued success, Manai
União Sefaradita de Beneficência
em Prol dos Judeus Hispano-Portugueses"




"Dear Rabbi  Ben-Chaim,
I wanted to tell  you how much I always enjoy your classes.
Each class has taught me something.  Each class has  made me able to articulate with clarity  some aspect that I already knew.  And you know, that is a good feeling.  
I truly and deeply appreciate the time it takes to have the classes and the time it takes for preparation. 
I hope you have another class soon.  I am always disappointed  when  I discovered there was a class and I missed it.
I am moving to Missouri, so the next time I sign in you see  Jeanne MO.
Best regards,




Thank you for bringing the Jewish Times into my home. I am a Jew living in XXXX. You are helping me on my journey home to Orthodxy. It is not easy for me having spent too many years assimilated. But I believe that it was my 5 years of study in Chedda when I was a young boy living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan that has stood me in good stead, as well as XXXX, and his wife XXXX both converts from being Baptist to being a frum Jewish family. Now he studies at Collel in XXXX. Surely the path that Hasem has chosen for me is a difficult one. Although I slip on the stones, it is the spark of yiddishkite that drives me on.

Thank you."




"I am currently a second year student at the University of Maryland. I am not yet kosher, nor wear a yamakha, or talus.  However, I am trying to become fully kosher, but its been a bit hard for me.  Nevertheless, I am very interested in learning Torah and all its virtues.  I dont want to become hassidic or ultra orthodox, but rather see Judasim at face value without any ideas being chucked down my throat.  You have provided this need, and I want to take it further. I have been reading great articles from your site for a few months now and my belief in G-d and Judaism has become much more solid and powerfull.  I no longer have an emotional, "feel-good" connection to my religion, but a real one."




"I have read your "fictional" essay "Why Be Observant" with great interest, which has given me a clearer focus.  Thanks.
To be observant is a daily challenge.  In this "modern" world, by eating specific foods and acting in a specific way, one is always challenged with questions which are difficult to answer.  Often the questions may seem very simple, nonetheless I've often found these the most difficult to answer.  These questions are usually asked by Jews who simply want to know and often by very close family members. 
You have answered many of the questions of "proof" vs "maybes", "millions of witnesses" vs "millions of followers" etc.  for which I thank you. 
With G_d's help, I may now be able to answer some of the future questions with more clarity, with the intent that more Jews become more observant."





"There's no doubt . . . The Jewish Times and NYDesign will be instrumental in generating greater understanding, the performance or more mitzvot and acts of kindness.
From my mother and me . . ."





"I discovered your Mesora website not long ago, and I want to congratulate you on your clear and honest vision. You reflect and clarify many of my own attitudes towards "Magical Judaism" that I have been discussing for quite a while. Living in Seattle, and having become a hozer beteshuvah 11 years ago, I have found it sometimes difficult to refute the mythology and superstition so evident in the less educated (Jewishly) community. I include myself in this description, but after having learned Rambam's Hilchot Yesodei Hatorah and finding that his writings clearly describe my own thoughts on the matter, the differentiation of the all-too-human tendency to resort to magic for understanding or manipulating reality was difficult to deal with.

With your permission, I will distribute a number of your articles in my synagogue. We really need to stop setting up our own talismen and magical symbolism, and return to the experience of Hashem Yit'."



"It's because of your pro-active support for Israel and the difference that you're making that the "check is in the mail."




"I love your website. I did not realize that Orthodox Judaism had such a beautiful system of logic."





"Hi Mesora,
I am a Jewish woman living in South Africa, I run the Young Leadership division of the Israel United Appeal and receive your e-mails. I wish I could be at your upcoming rally, but as I can not, I would like to wish you all the best and hope you will have a huge turnout. Keep up the fight!!"





"I am a born again Christian who found your site after reading a news article at the WorldNetDaily web site. I have spent nearly an hour looking through the various articles and sections of this web and I plan to return and even use this site as a resource in my biblical studies.
Thanks for a great new information resource, which will help me better understand my Jewish neighbors and friends from both a religious and cultural perspective."





"I just wanted you to know my two favourite sites are www.jeruslalem.com and your site. It is wonderful, and I just love it. Please keep up all the hard work and may Hashem bless you for it.
Shalom, Joseph"





"I like your web-site. It gives us the chance to voice our opinions on matters that otherwise we would probably overlook. You have made it very easy to protest. You made it very easy to stand up for Israel. Thank you."





"Todah Rabbah for the e-mail opportunity to reach so many government folks at one fell swoop. For an intelligent people we do not seem to have the initiative and the creativity to use technology to our advantage. Your e-mailing opportunity is the first I have seen that exemplifies "da'at" which I translate as "out of the box thinking. Inspired by Rashi on Shemot 35:31 ("B'Chochma, B'Tvunah u'vDaat") I translate this pasuk as: Chochma, what we learn through our studies, Bina, how we apply that which we have learned, and Daat as the skill to extend that knowledge beyond what we have learned or "out of the box thinking.".Hag Sameach, Moish"





"I want to tell you that what you are doing with your Mesora Website is truly remarkable and commendable.With the torah you offer and what you are accomplishing for Isael either raising money for them or writing letters to politicians."





"I just found your Website and love it--thank you!! I appreciate the Ed Koch article on boycotting France and your efforts to do so. Keep it up!!"





"I'd like to commend you for creating such an informative site that truly strives to spread the wealth of Torah. More importantly, your determination to preserve the beauty and authenticity of Torah, even nowadays when religous 'trends' are bombarding us, is remarkable."





"Hello Mesora, I'm interested in reading your site - I'm glad I found you."



Thank you for your answer on gentiles being able to attain identical perfection as Jews. Based on the scope of your material you probably have the best Torah website on the internet today.




I recently spent time with someone who fully believes in Astrology. Things became a bit heated because it seemed like his ideas were not based on Torah at all. In fact, it seemed contrary to the teachings of our Mesorah. The debate lasted a few hours. Many of my arguments were formulated from my own logic on the fly, but later I decided to search your site, and lo and behold, you (and the Rambam :)) have laid out the argument against Astrology perfectly. The older and hopefully wiser I get, the more clarity I seem to have on the infiltration of foreign concepts into genuine Yahadut. So many Jews I know blindly follow what they perceive as "truth:" Kabbalah such as the Zohar, the Sefirot, etc. with no idea that it is problematic. Thank you for your efforts and for keeping Mesora.org up and available to the masses. Only Brachot for you and your endeavors!




I want to tell you that this answer alone has satisfied that which has been plaguing me for a long time. I will review this many times. I thank you for putting my mind to rest. I've always strived for perfection of character, but have had a lot of trouble progressing. I kept falling back into old habits (and still do). I listened to hundreds of shiurim over the last 19 years (mostly Rav Miller ZT'L - who I knew personally) and they helped transform me. I still felt I was missing fundamentals and have been searching for some time.
I never heard of your website, until recently when I was reading comments on another site which referred to Mesora.org a derogatory way. Understanding the type of commenters, I figured Mesora was probably a site worth looking at and I became hooked on it in a short time. The articles have already caused me to rethink a lot of attitudes I had and change my whole mode of thinking. I have already printed out some documents and read them to my wife who was amazed. I have long believed that there are quite a number of people in the community that follow the laws somewhat and have weak foundations, (from observing behavior very closely), me being among them. I'm already in my 40's and can't afford any more mistakes.
I will be spending quite a long time combing through your site learning as much as I can and will begin transmitting this information to my wife and teenage daughters. I have already been studying Chovos Halevovas extensively and recently started Rambam's Moreh Nevuchim. My quest for the truth and development of the intellect is insatiable and your website with its gold mine of information is indispensable to help fight the evil inclination and the excess attachment to materialism. Thank you again. I could say a lot more, but need to keep it short. Perhaps one day I'll be able to meet you in the future. I wish you continued Bracha and Hatzlacha in all your endeavors."





Congratulations, Rav, for your work. Even while I'm not Jewish, I've learned and clarified many different topics concerning Judaism and the Noahide Identity by reading the "JewishTimes".





"Your magazine and website is a repository of truth. As a non Jew, I have found more than enough to keep me busy in studying the Seven Laws. There is a mass of misinformation in the place of non-Jews regarding Judaism and God's True Religion...and i'ts confusing. Mesora is the only place I regard as providing kosher educational materials.

Again, thank you,

Bradley Whitley
Social Studies Teacher
Wellcome Middle School"




"Thank you, Rabbi Ben-Chaim, for helping clarify the purpose of modest dress. Many of the articles I've read regarding modesty seem to imply that the main reason for dressing modestly is to keep men from lusting. But I felt on an intuitive level that it was about more than this. Your reference to immodest dress as "ego" hits the nail on the head. Thank you for having sent a personal response to my question. I appreciate that very much."





"Dear Rabbis,
I want to express the immense gratitude that I have toward you all for the excellent Torah scholarship that you have made available to the general public. I am a ben Noach and I first came across some of your teachings a couple of years ago. I have listened to many of the recorded teachings over and over again. It is impossible to convey how much I have grown and freed myself from much of the entanglement of man made religious errors, especially of those of a kabbalistic nature. I was born into a Christian world by non-religious parents. At the age of twenty-seven I committed myself to seek the truth of God. I won't bore you with the details for it has been a long an arduous journey. I graduated from a Christian college with a Bible degree, but as I studied their doctrine and the historical record, I realized that the Torah had been violated and the truth of God could be found nowhere else but in the words of the Torah.
Although escaping the bonds of Christianity was an immense accomplishment, navigating through the oceans of Judaism is a treacherous voyage for a novice. My journey of searching for the truth has consumed over forty years of my life. Thanks to your willingness to share the wealth of pure Torah scholarship, I feel like I am about to enter the promised land. I cannot thank you all enough. I have enclosed a gift for your organization to express my appreciation for the pearls of wisdom that you have revealed to me."





"Thank you Rabbi. Thanks for your website. I love it."




" I want you to know how much my wife and I enjoy reading the JewishTimes, as it is a ray of light in a world of darkness. We always felt that things like kapparot, the red string, segulos, etc. were wrong and it is very comforting to hear from a Rav who is brave enough to speak out against these practices."





"I wanted to thank you for helping me find the correct hashkafa and direction in life. I have learned and continue to learn so much from you through your website."






"I have the first edition of Religion of Reason and absolutely love the book. I am purchasing a second copy for my brother and his wife. It is such a pleasure to have a rational perspective articulated so clearly. Thanks again!"






"Thank you, Rabbi! You don't know how much your site and your words mean to me. You've been an inspiration for me to seek more knowledge and defend my beliefs.

Todah Rabbah, Nachshon"





"Rabbi Moshe ben Chaim, I'm from Brazil, and get the material on Mesora. I am a Jew and converted. Thanks to your work, my knowledge has grown in Torah. Today I do not see Judaism with that face of the mystical Hasidism. I see something more intellectual and more rational, something that makes sense to my life. My wife is Jewish by birth, but was removed from Judaism. Today thanks to the many things that you said on the site, she is increasingly doing teshuvah. We are very happy to know that there are people in the world like you.
My wife will be traveling in August and September for Canada and USA ...she will study English and improve it. I did not want to take your time, but as she'll be in New York she'd like to meet you personally and thank you for your work. Here in Brazil I add another couple of friends of Jews who have studied your work a long time.
I once again thank you for your tremendous effort to disclose the true Torah Judaism.

A big hug rabbi"




"Hello, I want to applaud you on such an amazing site. Purely amazing. Much continued hatzlacha.

Baltimore, MD"





"Hello Rabbi, :) Your lecture series on the afterlife (and others) provided me with SO much insight. Thank you very much!  Your website is very refreshing after listening to almost every other popular Torah podcast website, which VERY OFTEN get sidetracked with how Hashem is constantly involved in everyone's life."




"From the very first time I sent my questions to you, more than once you showed your concern for a human being looking for the truth. That is because, as I said before, is very hard to find any Jewish source that does as you in this Mesora/JewishTimes project which: a) actually cares for persons' perplexities on Torah, be this person Jew or Gentile, to guide people to the path of truth; and b) establishes as clear as day that it is reason alone that must guide humans toward their Creator, blessed is He."




"Thank you so much for the JewishTimes and the Mesora website. I'm learning so much!"




"The information I've learned from Mesora.org has been the best information I've heard in my life, my eyes were open in a way I never thought possible my faith was strengthened and backed up by proof and reason. Words a poor a tool to express how I feel towards Mesora.org it just blessed my life in so many ways and on so many levels which will in turn be transmitted to my children as they grow up. I want to say thank you with all my heart."





"I think Mesora.org is the best website there is. Your words and articles made me see the light that our religion is logical and true and itellectually satisfying. I found this out at a time where I thought the chassidics were the only right ones. I was starting to get board with Judaism, as chassidus is explains away everything in a mystical manner, like Christianity and other religions. So thank you and G-d bless you on all that you do. –Marc"




"Rabbi, thanks for sharing this article with us. I enjoyed it. And thanks for taking the time to teach us each week. Everything that I'm learning has practical application in my daily life. I truly enjoy learning all these profound ideas we explore in class. I can't understand why more people dont want to come & learn".




"Hello, your website is wonderful. I like how you encourage people to think for themselves and to use reason. I also like how your Jewish Times (particularly God and Egypt - thoughtful thinking there) would encourage people to think thru the article, to come up with questions and try to find answers for them. This would make for a lively discussion and to engage our minds with something worthwhile learning instead of watching TV, etc."




"I've got to especially  thank you for your tape on Gentiles.  I was so Happy to hear your view that gentiles  have the same soul as Jews do. When I went to chabad Yeshiva I had issues with some of the teachings of the Tanya (or what appeared to be such teaching ) that the Gentiles have a different soul. I actually stopped going to the Tanya classes and this issue has bothered me since then....up to the point that I heard your tape."




"Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim,
I just want to thank you so much for your online publication and website. I have been a Noahide for about a year now and it is awesome to actually use my intellect instead of blind faith when it comes to God and His word. Thank you so much for your clarity on many issues. I was really getting confused with some so called "Jewish" website that promoted Kabbala and doctrines like reincarnation etc. I found your site and these ideas became clear. Actually there aren't many websites out there that stay true to Torah. Please continue to do the good work and help us Noahides learn the truth of Torah."




"I absolutely loved your "segula" open letter. Good point about cause and effect. We see that contemporary primitive tribes do not contribute anything substantial to humanity (ie. medicine, technology, education, ability to help others in need) because of their magical superstitious practices."




"You are the only Jewish site I have found (and I have look up many others also in different language like Spanish) that give gentiles a real opportunity to learn without making us feeling aliens.  I will keep reading an learning from your site, I have very little time and I want to dedicate this time to learn from you. For now I will not go to other Jewish sites because this disturbs me, there is much material on your site and I you give me the opportunity to ask you questions.
PS: I am understanding more that it seems and I am so glad of this opportunity to learn from someone so ethically correct as you are, I could not learn from anyone different."




"I have been receiving your emails for a while now but just within the last month (January), I've just started listening to the TalkLive classes. THEY ARE AMAZING! I wish I had started listening earlier. Can I send people direct links to the classes; I would like to get more people to listen to this.
 Keep up the great work!
PS I'm also a creator of XXXX Jewish Yahoogroup.




"I Just want to let you know that Mesora and the JewishTimes is amazing and does a lot of good for all Jews.  It is amazing how much I have and so many other people becmae more knowledgeable in Judaism because of all your efforts!  I Can not begin to thank you enough!"





"Whenever  I can, I am searching answers on your website, I am reading the JewishTimes and I am listening to the audio files. I realize I have much to learn. I am happy  of this beautiful opportunity you are giving us to gain knowledge. I am very enthusiastic."

Rose, Italy




I saw the Jewish Times Intermarriage Special Issue!  Thank you so much for addressing my question on intermarriage.  I haven't finished reading it all yet, but I have already forwarded it to my son, and printed it out for my husband and me to read.  I also intend to send it to some of my friends with children.  I'll let you know if it helps. 
 I'm praying that it helps us.
 "College Mom"




"I have to compliment you on all that your doing. The Mesora website is phenomenal and the Jewish Times publication is a visual delicacy. I wish you much success in your endeavors and may you continue to spread the light of Torah."





“Wow!  I do feel honored that I made it to your JewishTimes newsletter.  Truly a good feeling.  To be honest, I'm a regular Yeshiva Bucher returning to Eretz Yisroel next year and this question as to how learning is the greatest mitzvah and the greatest activity has been bothering me.  People generally ignored this question.  Your answer definitely helped me in my overall learning, that G-d willing when I get back to Eretz Yisroel, it'll be stronger then ever.
Thank you and Kol Tuv,
Ronen Dvash”




"I really want to thank you in general for all of the effort you put into The Jewish Times and the impact it has had on my family. It has allowed my family to have independent access to true ideas and stimulating thought on a constant basis, and has sparked numerous discussions in our household."





"Dear Rabbi Ben Chaim,

Thank you for your talk on Thursday--it was, as last time, not only informative but also thought-provoking and interesting! (After listening to the other 20 speakers, I can assure you that these three components are rarely found together....)
The students likewise had a very positive response--one of the jewish members of the class actually said that he had been lax about religion but because of you is going to "go back to Judaism." !!
I will definitely take you up on your offer of questions. I want to do a little more searching on your website before they are formulated.
Thank you again!!!"




"Today I got linked to your website. Then I started reading about different topics. I did not notice the time. I was deeply involved in the reading and the teaching of Torah when I saw the time in the computer clock - it was 00:10 Japan time.
How many hours I spent, I don't know, but what I felt was a few hours, was time better spent than my whole life."




Your Judaism101 site,...what a wonderful idea. I applaud you and your staff for this innovative program. I just retired from public school teaching, but I am working within Roosevelt University as a teacher in the Chicago area.
Once again, This is terrific."




"Keep up the good work!!! I'm relaying your site to all my students!"




"I can hear the second class. The classes are, by the way, very good. I recently decided to begin mishley from the beginning myself so it was great to see that you had recordings up that could, at the very least, aid in my study, if not teach me. I love the methodological points; they help me to be able to proceed on my own. Thanks alot and, in general, your site is great and is also very aesthetically pleasing."




"Baruch Hashem for your site. If people really listened and "heard" what you are saying about the torah life, we would merit Moshiach. In Parshah Yisro, Yisro "heard" what had happened and came to follow the Jews. He "heard" the same type of "heard" when we say Shema "Hear O Israel" and "na'aseh V'nishma". He got the message. May we all get the message."




"I wanted to thank you for your speedy reply [to my question today] on "a spirit of G-D'…. so thanks."




"I want to thank you for sparking up my interest in learning more about my Judaic roots and Torah because of your web site.  I am an active Zionist at the University of Maryland, and I have realized, thanks in large part to you, that being a Zionist requires understading why there was a Zionist cause in the first place - Preservation of Torah and Judaism, which is rooted from the holy land of Israel."




"I've gotten a tremendous amount from your site. Thanks for all your hard work."




"I really don't get a chance to visit this site enough - but I just wanted you to know that I think it is truly a great thing having a site like this on the web.  How awesome this is to be able to expose so many people to truth and real Torah that they wouldn't otherwise get.  It is nice to see the wonders of modern technology actually being used for good.  It is so important - thank you for putting in your time."




"Dear Mesora, I very appreciate your information and your offer and I am very grateful to be on your email list. I guess that my email is already in your list but to be shure it is so I send you this message. Thank you for your care very much and wish you success in the area of services you offer to us.

Shalom u´vracha!"




"I would like to thank you and express my appreciation for the work you do on your websites. Everytime I read your articles or the answers on the people's questions I am fullfilled with the special kind of consciousness of the greatness of our G-d."

Toda raba, rabbi!"




"Deat Rabbi, Thank you very much for your answer. Not being well versed in Torah and Talmud, and not having a Jewish upbringing, it is sometimes difficult for me to understand how to react properly in some circumstances. The person in question recently married into our family, we have helped considerably already but it appeared that the help we were giving was becoming something that was expected. I did not want to react to this in a way that would alienate a part of my family. Your insights have helped me to determine a course of action I think may prove fruitful but still keep peace in our family."




"I just discovered your web site this evening and was fascinated. My religious education and observance seemed to stop after my Bar Mitzvah (which was more than a couple of years ago). While reading a number of your articles, I was reminded of my college days when I would get into discussions about religion with my non-Jewish friends. Particularly one friend, who went on to become a Baptist minister. Our discussions went like my friend saying, "The Bible say this!" And I would respond, "Fine, Bruce. Now what does it mean?" End of discussion. (Which probably explains why any involvement of a religious nature ended with my Bar Mitzvah.)
Your articles go well into "what does it mean" and why is it relevant to me. I'm not sure that I agree with everything I've read - I've got to think about it. But it leads me to the question: What's the next step for me?"




"Your site is incredibly useful to me. In fact, I think that its the best sight I have ever found on the Internet. Here are a few questions that you probably can help me with, just as you have done a few times previously......."




"Thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions. Your web site is greatly appreciated."




"I just want to tell you that I absolutely loved the Mesora website and thanks to it in part, I am now living an observant lifestyle and have realized the truth of Torah."





"Your site is truly excellent. It is inspiring to read rational essays which attempt to arrive at Truth rather than the more common type these days which don't seem to go anywhere in particular."





"Thank you for your reply. I can't tell you how much I am constantly confronting truth that I never knew existed but only imagined to some extent. I constantly find that truth in Judaism. I have never found that in Christianity. Maybe that is why I never considered myself a real Christian. I always had trouble with their doctrines, from believing that there were 3 Gds in one to believing that Gd died for our sins. Now I believe I can understand to some extent why. In order for me to accept those things then I would need to deny my own mind and accept these things by faith alone. I never could and thought I was an oddball. Thank you again for your reply. I sincerely appreciate it. Gd's blessing upon you."





"I commend such an excellently presentable website. It is praiseworthy both for its aesthetic quality and also for the ease with which one can explore. The highly impressive design is complemented by a broad scope, and one can only speculate the amount of sincere effort that was devoted to this achievement."




"I have done as you suggested in that I have returned to the Mesora site and I have begun to study it. Doing this has already answered a great many of my questions. If nothing else, I am a genuine seeker of truth; rather than spend more time seeking arguments for or against the miraculous in Man I have chosen instead to "use my mind". To this end I have simply started from the beginning of the site. I thank you for your remarks and your excellent website, in which I sense both the way to truth and to proof - and more questions. For now I will continue to study and will return with my questions as they come to me."




"I commend your considerable effort to e-mail the world leaders in support of Israel's military response; I have done as you asked. However, I think you would have greater success by including one more item in the letter, and that is this: Israel belongs to the Jewish people because G-d gave us, and not for any other reason. Until we stand up in front of the world, and acknowledge this fact, I am afraid the resolution to the age old conflict will remain elusive."




"Hi, I have asked you a couple questions before and had submitted a topic before I left to learn in Israel almost a year ago. I just got back and I am glad to see the site growing and I would like to say this site is just unbelievable! I hope many people visit the site and write to you and that your successful in bringing back people to yiddishkeit."




"Moshe, this is the first time I have visited your website. It is fabulous! The range of articles is incredible and the aesthetics (design, layout & artwork) are gorgeous! I have Done alot of work on the Rambam's "Introduction to Perek Chelek" in the Pirush Hamishnayos. Would you be interested in adding that to the site? I think that a piece about "Olam Haboh" would be very attractive (and useful) to your readers. E-mail me."



"I have been a regular reader of your website for some time and am continually impressed by the quality of the articles found thereon. The articles are regularly thought-provoking and encourage much debate and discussion with my friends and colleages. I desire to come to the Land of Israel and devote my time there to Torah study some time in the near future. I am interested in knowing, therefore, if the Rabbis whose writings are presented on the web site run a Yeshiva or some other centre for Jewish learning which a person can come to attend for a few weeks or a couple of months, which would be the duration of my time in the Land? If no such Yeshiva exists, would the Rabbis be willing to recommend some institututions in line with the Mesorah and would be suitable for a 24 year old ba'al teshuva? I thank you for your time and for your consideration."




Yashar cochacha - This is a beautiful site and database"




"I do not have a topic to submit; however, I do have a question. I have been very impressed with the articles, and would like to know a little more about who Moshe Ben Chaim is. The philosophy expressed in his articles rings with a refreshing truth. If you could let me know about his background, etc., I would be grateful. Thank you very much. Much continued hatzlachah!"



"Dear Rabbi, I wish to congratulate you on your reply regrading dating of converts and clothing. If all the world would see that what matters is the heart and a righteous life, the so called "boundaries" in love would be abolished. I e-mailed you about one year ago regarding an experience I had with a young woman who was Christian. She decided to stop seeing me because I would not "convert" and would not go to church with her. On the other hand, she would refuse to convert or go to Temple with Me (I never asked that of her by the way). In my opinion your statement on the former two issues corroborate once again why I should feel proud of being Jewish. we are not here to convert or to impose our thinking. We are here to let the world see how to be more humane, kind and giving. Too bad others fail to see this and use this sort of "discrimination" to try to justify their actions and their inability to truly love another person.
Once again, thank you for writing such beautiful words."




"Shalom, A co-congregant of mine referred me to your site today. I wanted to casually peruse your pages, but found myself engaged in reading several of your articles. I havent even begun to scratch the surface of your material. However, the content appears to be well written, -- (and edited)"




"Thank you sir for responding to my concerns. You have given me a lifting of the light. I shall read Ezekiel 18. May HaShem bestow blessings and love upon your crown."




"Hi. I found your site a few days ago and have asked you some questions and recently saw in one of the articles you have that a person was criticizing your site. I would just like to tell you that I'm very pleased to see that you made this site and how you handled that situation as well as every other one as best as you can. I always looked for a site like this and for someone who would finally speak about the Jewish community, whether positive issues or negative. These days though everyone wants to hide the negative aspects of our community and I think it is great how you explain these problems of the Jewish community and to try your best to solve them. I would just like to thank you for making this site and allowing people to share their questions on an orthodox site. I think its great the way you bring proofs to all your answers to people's questions and how you really lay an answer down to someone who has a misconception about something. I just felt it was necessary to give you the compliments you deserve and give you credit for undertaking such a difficult task of proving to all the Jews the way to be a Jew. Thank you for your time."





I find your site very attractive, and your attitudes appealingly wise. I agree that we must live by reason, not by awe of miracles or "luck." I see how arrogant it is for people to think the stars tell us in detail about ourselves. We have been given the scripture to teach us, and minds to use. The stars are to show us the greatness of our Creator, not to decide for us whom to marry, what color to wear on Monday, or such matters that are petty in comparison to the needs of mankind as a whole. I also like that you view the whole message of the Holy One as inspired and unchanging. It would be frightening to be adrift in a sea of choices and surprises with no unchangable star by which to steer. If the Creator chose to instruct the people at all, would he give a guide that says swear on Tuesday but be polite on Wednesday? I think not! Why give a guide at all, if it is not meant to be reliable? The maker's guide would have, as you say, Divine precision, or there would be no guide."





Thanks a lot for the audio archives. Due to my schedule I can no longer attend the online shiurim Monday nights, so this was a long-awaited boon for me."




Dear Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim, I cannot tell you how many times answers from you or the website have turned me from an emotional mess, to Hashem, Torah, truth and wisdom. Much obliged, Michael."




While I am technically labeled a Christian, I do not believe in the Christian way of thinking. I've been reading alot about Judaism here lately and I feel as if I've been walking through life with a blindfold over my eyes. When I read this article, it finally sunk in just how unsubstantiated and baseless Christianity really is."




I am just checking to see if the JewishTimes for Nasso has come out? I pray that all is well. I learn so much from your magazine, thank you.





I have just found your site and I am loving it." -Mark A.




My friend in shul prints out all your Shabbos sheets and a group in shul always reads them. They are wonderful.




"I was just introduced to your website. I am very impressed with its content. Do you publish a monthly newsletter? My e-mail address is ---@msn.com
Thank you for your good work."





"Please include me on your e-mailings of the JewishTimes. P.S This new feature is great! Thanks a lot."





"I am a father of 3 daughters, a husband to a beautiful wife, and raise my family as a Conservative Jew. My daughters go to Solomon Schechter Day School, and we keep a kosher home and they do the Shema. After reading your site, I will do it also. For some reason, perhaps preoccupation with work, I don't do it as much as I should. But I will now.
Yasher Koach, and G-d bless you."





"Thank you so much for the email leading me to your website. I have read a few pages in it and find it extremely helpful."