The Only True Religion?

Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim

Reader: To make the statement, and I assume [you] actually believe it, that “Judaism is the only true religion” is not only wrong-headed, ignorant, and offensive but feeds into a narrative of Jewish superiority and supremacy that has fueled antisemitism for centuries. To publish it is a true case of chillul hashem.  I am a proud Jew, and as one, I need to ask you, what the hell are you thinking?

Rabbi: Let’s review the published words: 

“2 million Jews witnessed God’s Bible communication at Mt. Sinai. A one-time event of mass revelation. All other religions have no witnesses for their claims. Therefore they demand blind faith as they contain no proof of divine authorship. Had revelation never occurred, a history of a mass event would have never been accepted or transmitted.”

These are historic facts. To benefit all mankind, God orchestrated this event in front of millions, as He wished to validate for eternity His only religion. God does not wish this event be a secret. And this claim of possessing God’s true religion is defended by every religion; no one denies this. In this respect, the Jewishtimes does not differ from other religious claims. Furthermore, on dozens of occasions, the Jewishtimes has supported the view of human equality, and has outright rejected Jewish superiority as arrogant and false. We have fully rejected Jews claiming that Jews have a superior soul. Our current issue again echoes these truths.

Our last issue was the Shavuos issue which celebrates Revelation at Sinai. We appropriately underlined therein the key significance of that event with the words above. Jews have the obligation to teach mankind God’s truths with the same clarity God wrote His Bible, unapologetically. We observe the Sabbath, as Maimonides says[1] so we may respond to others inquiring of our rest on this day, to educate them on creation and monotheism. The Jew is not to hide any truth from mankind, for that is the worst evil. 

God stated that all religions will eventually admit of their fallacy (Jer. 16:19).

God stated never to add or subtract from his Bible (Deut. 13:1). All other religions violate this. 

God stated by keeping Torah—all it entails—the other nations will, in fact, be impressed by God's one religion. But you wish to conceal that which God desires be revealed:

Observe them faithfully, for that will be proof of your wisdom and discernment to other peoples, who on hearing of all these laws will say, “Surely, that great nation is a wise and discerning people” [Deut. 4:6].

Here, God teaches that with our proper observance of Torah, the nations will not be offended, but in fact, will be greatly impressed, which is God's wish: that the entire world follows his one religion. Now, as God wants us to publicly follow the commandments, certainly He wishes that the proof that He gave the commandments should be shared. That proof is Revelation at Sinai, which singles out Judaism as the only true religion.

Regarding you accusation of being “wrong-headed, ignorant, offensive, claiming Jewish superiority and supremacy”… Torah and the Rabbis disagree with you. 

Judaism is the only true religion, and God wishes this be known by mankind. Helping people see the truth is the greatest kiddush Hashem. 


[1] Guide, book II, chap. xxxi