Palestine: No Historical Trace

Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim




Alex Po spoke well:  “When you make antisemitic comments [Omar], you get to keep your seat on the foreign affairs committee in Congress and be applauded by your fellow Democrats [Pelosi, Tlaib]. But express a factual statement that no country called ‘Palestine’ exists, and you have to lose your seat on the NYC Council's Immigration Committee?” Kalman Yeger stated fact: Palestine does not exist. This isn’t a news flash, or a declaration of the inequality of Arabs, but historical fact. Today’s “Palestinians” trace their lineage to Arabs: there never was a Palestinian people. A history of the land of Israel’s occupiers is vital knowledge:

2000 BC—1500 BC: Canaanites and Jews

1500 BC—1100 BC: Egyptians and Israelites

1100 BC—700 BC: Jews, Philistines (who were Egyptians) 

700 BC—100 BC: Assyrians, Jews, Babylonians, Greeks and Persians

100 BC—400 AD: Jews and Romans

400 AD—700 AD: Jews and Byzantines

700 AD—1500 AD: Jews, Sunny Arab Caliphates, Shia Fatimid Caliphate, Crusaders, Ayyubids and Mameluks

1500 AD—1800 AD: Jews and Ottomans

1800 AD—1948 AD: Jews, British and Arab ethnic groups



 The left and Arabs attack Jews for stating historical fact, instead of submitting to a truth. They are fooled by the repeated lie of a “Palestine” scripted and promoted by displaced Arabs seeking land. Being fed this story from youth, these Arabs can't admit they’re wrong, so they support the lie with no evidence. Giving up the lie would equate to abandoning their one dream in life, so they favor a lie over truth. The Bible and archeology constantly reveal evidence of Israel's ownership of Israel and its ancient language, while history refutes a “Palestine.”  

Unlike the biased Arafat, Abbas, Sarsour, Omar, and Tlaib and AOC who’s subjective agenda is to rewrite history for personal motives, an honest person accepts the facts, no matter how disturbing. A “Palestinian people” is a historical myth. These Arabs and US congress members contradict history and unveil their anti-Semitism with each of their succeeding baseless attacks.

 But be clear: Judaism preaches human equality. The honest Jew loves an Arab as he loves another Jew, for we are all God’s children. The Jew is not superior, as we all descend from Adam and Eve. We are all equals. We all possess intellect and emotions. But what we should all equally do, is use our intellects to determine and accept truths, and not follow emotional biases, regardless of upbringing or emotional leanings.  

Throughout time, and without provoking our enemies, we have been attacked, tortured and murdered en masse. You ask, “Without provocation? Why then are YOU always attacked?”  The answer is not for what “we” did, but for what “God” did. One time in history at Mt. Sinai did God reveal Himself to masses, and give His law, the Bible (Torah). No other people make this claim. In fact, all others accept this historical truth, to the point that Christians form their religion based on our Bible, and Islam too accepts it. Gentiles feel that God favored the Jews, and therefore, attack the Jews. But God did not give us His Bible due to favoritism, but because all people at that time were idolaters, except Abraham and his descendants. Only they would accept God’s monotheism. We now bear the obligation to study the Bible and share it with all peoples, as is God’s wish that all His children follow Him equally. Oddly, the anti-Semite should, truly be angry with God, not with the Jews, for giving us His Bible was His plan, not ours. However, a religious person finds great frustration in this reality, and cannot hate God, so he vents that frustration on God’s chosen people. 

 There is only one mankind; there can be only one religion. And history teaches this truth, that God never again revealed Himself to man with a religion.  If other peoples could rise above the infantile sibling rivalry that fuels anti-Semitism, and learn that we wish to fulfill our obligation to teach God’s Torah to all peoples interested in learning it, that we view all others as equals, and desire the good for all others just as for ourselves, peace will be achieved between all people. If truth is embraced, and people recognize the lie of a “Palestinian” people, and rather, that we are all to share one life of monotheism...if others would study the Bible’s message of equality and its moral codes, anti-Semitism would vanish. 

But as long as those ignorant of how and why the Palestinian lie came about support that lie, Israel and Jews will remain targeted for another lie of “occupation,” and for our role as a chosen people, not as a “better” people. Jews who speak the truth will be scorned, while those peddling a false narrative will hurt everyone by misleading the public from truth, from God’s one religion, the Bible.