Speech & Silence

King Solomon

“With abundant speech sin will not cease; and one who restrains his lips is wise” (Proverbs 10:19). 

Are both abundant speech and silence the “causes” of sin and wisdom respectively, or are they merely symptoms of the sinner and the wise person? Both are true. One who speaks too much excites his emotions and causes sin. At the same time, speech is an outlet for one's emotions, and one who speaks much reveals his abundant emotions, and his evil leanings. Conversely, one who controls his speech withdraws from exciting his emotions through expressing his feelings. And his silence is indicative of his nature, to observe more than to talk; his mind is more active and he is wise. Thus, one who speaks much is already more emotional than others, and his speech drives further sin. While the silent person displays his nature of thinking more than talking, and he avoids the pitfall of instinctual excitement through speech.